Refunds, Returns, Cancellation Policy

Event organizers create and manage events on TicketMax. They are responsible for setting a refund policy and issuing refunds. If you qualify for a refund for ticket(s) you purchased, send a request to the organizer of the event. Ensure that you first read our Refund Policy, TicketMax is not obligated to issue a refund but may do so if it is in line with our policy.

TicketMax has no control and involvement in the events put together by the organizer. The event organizer is solely responsible and liable for the event it organises including the ticket(s) sold and purchased by you.

Request a refund directly with the event organizer either directly on the TicketMax platform or via email.

Make sure you meet all the requirements below:

  1. You already contacted the organizer and they have either not responded or denied your request
  2. The event was cancelled within the last 45 days (not postponed or rescheduled)
  3. The organizer used the TicketMax platform to process your payment

If you meet the requirements, ask for a refund through [email protected] with the subject:

Ticket Refund Request – [Name of Event Organizer] [Name of Event and Event Date].

Click the link to view our Event Organizer - Refunds, Returns, Cancellation Policy HERE.