Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up, and what information do I need?

You can create an account by clicking the Sign In - Create Event button at the top right side of the screen.
Please have the following information about your Organization ready:

  • Business Registration Documentation
  • TIN Letter or Joint Card
  • Bank Account Information (for payout)
  • Basic information about the Organization - Name, Address, Phone, Contact Person, Contact Email/Phone

This Organization will need to be approved by TicketMax before you can set up your Events.

What do I need to know before setting up an Event?

Before creating an Event, you must have your Organization created and documentation submitted (see above). In order to set up your Event, you should have the following details ready:

  • Name, Description, and an Image for the Event.
  • If you have multiple Venues and Dates for your event, you can set up a Schedule for each:
    • Details of the Venue(s) and Dates and Times for the Schedule
    • Floor Plan for the Venue (optional)
  • Information about the Tickets you intend to sell:
    • Type of Ticket, Description, and Price
    • Number of Tickets (i.e. Inventory) for the Event (or each Schedule)
    • The Date and Time the ticket sales will start
    • The Date and Time the ticket sales will end
  • Inventory (number of tickets) you plan to sell for the Event (or each Schedule)

The Event will need to be approved by TicketMax before sale of tickets begins.

How does TicketMax charge fees?

There is no up-front Cost to use the Standard and Plus Plans. A fee is charged to you (the Organizer) when each Ticket is issued to a Buyer. These fees are taken out of the final ticket sales for the Event (or Schedule), after it ends. Fee is different based on the Pricing Plan and features you choose. Email us at [email protected] for prices.

For any Ticket sold online (through Visa, Mastercard, M-PAiSA or MyCash), there is a Service Fee of 4% per ticket, which is used to cover costs of the respective Payment Gateway provider. This Service Fee is paid by the Buyer.

How can I go to the Ticket Purchase page for an Event?

The quickest way to get to the Ticket Purchase for an Event is to use the Website Link or scan the QR Code on the Poster or Social Media post of the Event Organizer. This will take you directly to the Event page, where you can purchase your tickets. Otherwise, you can find the event on TicketMax (see next question.)

How can I see current events that have tickets for sale on TicketMax.

You can see upcoming Events on our Home Page, and sort them by City or Division. In addition, you can use the Find an Event search box at the top of this screen to look for your Event.

What methods can I use to pay for my tickets?

TicketMax currently supports purchasing tickets online using the following methods: Visa (Debit or Credit), Mastercard (Debit or Credit), M-PAiSA (Vodafone Fiji) and MyCash (Digicel) mobile wallets. If you wish to purchase tickets via offline methods such as Cash or Bank Transfer, or another mobile wallet, please contact the Event Organizer, and they can issue your tickets after payment.